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Occasionally, I splash out. Perhaps a Kate Spade handbag falls in my lap, an Abercrombie hoodie, a mint velvet silk jumper for example. A sparkly pair of trainers from Primarni. Yes, Primark makes the grade for those budget days. Admirably.

It's All About favourite phrase.

I spend a very large percentage of my time making sure everyone else is happy, fed, watered and generally surviving. It's a hectic life, it's never quiet but above all, it very good fun.

But, every now and then, I have to hide and when I step off the slightly chaotic merry-go-round, it becomes all about me. For that brief spell, nothing else matters....except me. And it's in this time, I indulge my passion for fashion, and all things wearable.

From my hours, weeks and days of browsing the boutiques, high street shops, catalogues and magazines, I was struck by how little comparisons there are between similar items but for different budgets. Designer vs highstreet or highstreet vs budget.

So, is it possible to find affordable fashion items in this expensive day and age? It is now. Itsallaboutme will try and find those desired items for prices which feel good. 

I'm updating my site regularly with things I see, things I read and things I think you might like buy.  I hope you enjoy!

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