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The undiscovered world of comfy shoes

There are some blogs that need to be written and some that should stay firmly in the draft pile. This is probably the latter but seeing as today was a revelation day, I've decided to go with it. Hear me out....

For the past two years, I've suffered the agonising effects of Plantar Fasciitis, an incredibly painful foot condition mostly bought on by my years of wearing cheapo flat soled shoes from cheapo flat soled shoe shops...I think therefore the blame lies entirely with me. That said, other factors could include the vast amount of time I stand up and that I am baring considerably more weight than usual (let's blame lockdown and home schooling for that) - all contributuing to that fact that I find it hard to walk without wincing.

It goes entirely against my thrifty nature to spend good money on good shoes but, as this last week of crippled hobbling has taught me, enough is enough and I should try my best to regain what youth I have by walking tall without stooping and holding onto to the furniture.

When I lived in my previous house, the late occupant had clearly subscribed to the older generation shoe catalogues and I was plagued with an endless stream of deliveries depiciting an array of rather interesting shoes with interesting soles and even more interesting patterns. Some had tassels, lots had fur lining but most of all, they looked old. Or rather made the wearer look old. Either way, not for me. And nor were they meant to be but for someone that NEEDS the same level of comfort and stability it was disappointing to see the styles on offer.

So I begain my search. Comfortable shoes that aren't aging. Shoes that don't scream I have dyfuntional feet but more scream style, an element of youthfullness whilst secretly giving me that all important wow factor when my feet hit the floor. Now I can't profess that these shoes will grace the feet of celebrities, models or even minor soap opera wannabe's or touch the front cover of a glossy magazine but to me, I don't need that level of endorsement. I need something to get my feet on the school run and back without looking like I got dressed in the dark, back in the 80's.

So...for those fellow ladies on their feet all day, whether it be for work, for play or for simple comfort, here are my top 5 super comfy shoes. And yes, I feel every one of my 40 years writing this post but my feet on the other hand just regained their youth and are dancing around the kitchen feeling 21 again.

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