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The Holiday Beach Wrap

There are good sides to Love Island, to see how the youth of today get their jollies, the vast array of bikinis available and to simply get in the holiday mood....if you like neon dayglow strip lighting and communal sleeping.... It's escapism TV and something I find myself hugely addicted too. The downside is that my TV is covered in scantily clad flat stomached youths flitting around in whippets of fabric that wouldn't even cover my right thigh. And some of the fashion choices are highly questionable...

So, with my beach holiday looming and the bikini diet epic failure once again this year, it's cover up time. Or kimono if you so wish. If you are weird.

Love Island showed us the 'mesh' attire, the totally see through fabric I think shopping bags used to be made of. It's not a look I am going for so I've stayed wthin my personal boundaries of looking young, but near my actual age and covered up enough to be comfortable without being prudish.

Last year I made the mistake of buying a cover up which under the hot sun had a decidedly unfortunate shrink wrap effect, reducing me to that of a microwave meal where all the air has been sucked out. Not such a good look. This year I don't wish to make the same mistake so I'm looking for a more floaty number. Less dress, more wrap. Less tight, more breezy.

It's the school holidays so my shopping ability has been reduced. Online only in bed during some precious child free at around 6am every morning. I've found some lovely options ranging from fun to sensible, long and short and plain or patterned. Pompoms are clearly still in and I've included the LI Mesh one above, just for fun....nice chain. Happy Holidays!


River Island £55

Debenhams £20

George £8

Accessorize £35

Surf Gypsy £32

Kaliedoscope £39

Pretty Little Thing £17.50

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