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Fashion for the Office - workwear this season

Once a upon a time, there was a girl who went to work. She had lots of lovely smart clothes, she had lots of fun, had shed loads of cash and skipped to the pub every day at precisely 5pm in the dot. Then she had kids....

No violins needed however. In between now weekly pub trips, ad hoc gym trips and lots of shopping time, I have the joy of being a mother, a wife and general house keeping goddess. Honestly, a joy..,

But once a day, sometimes more, I reminisce. My mind wanders back to ‘those’ days and all the wonderful things mentioned above. I also remember how putting together the office outfit was easy. I only ever wore black. Something slightly colourful underneath but a simple black suit, shirt and some mildly sensible shoes and I was good to go. In ‘those’ days I spent most of my cash getting clothes for outside the office. How could workwear be fashionable or worth spending money on?!

Now it’s a very different story and workwear has become a stylish platform for some truly beautiful clothes. It’s easy as a SAHM to walk past the smarter styles, the rows of stunningly silky tops and flattering pencil skirts and move straight on to the joggers, the jeans and the regulatory white trainers. Honestly, it’s like a cult...she says, wearing white trainers...

So this evening, whilst I sit in Nero’s watching everyone return from work, in their silk shirts and pencil skirts, I celebrate this season’s workwear styles just for you wonderful women who work. And, when I re-join you all in a few years time (yes I really do plan to work again in a real job for actual grown-ups) I’ll attempt to ditch the black suit once and for all. And the white trainers.

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