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Supermarket Fashion...Is It Any Good?

Before the days of online food shopping (that makes me feel rather old), one actually had to drive to a store and flog endlessly down each aisle, working through an epically long list and trying really hard not to die of boredom. This was my life when I was younger and when my mum felt it was a 'great day out' for me. Hmmmm.

I seem to remember, whilst trying to decide if I wanted spaghetti hoops or beans with my supper, that the only 'clothes' available in supermarkets was a tiny selection of granny pants and chenille nighties. When stores began selling clothes varies but Sainsburys was way back in 1994. At that time, the clothes were utterly revolting. Or perhaps they were terribly on trend but I was young and could only see clothes for really really old and unfashionable people... the kind that had long chin hairs and a wheely trolley.

Now, it's a totally different story and the stigma around wearing supermarket clothes has vastly declined. People across the country are snapping up some very stylish pieces whilst shopping for bread and spaghetti hoops. I must confess I used to be mildly embarrassed when my mum showed me her latest 'fashion' purchase from Sainsburys but now, well, it's awesome! Obviously there are some dire pieces in every store's collection but rootle around and bingo, a winner appears (see my Instagram post last week).

I've gone through the 4 major stores and found my top 4 pieces from each. Lots of choose from but these are my favourites. The Lidl range is tiny but with some good extremely cheap options. George has some lovely dresses this season but I don't wear dresses so have avoided them. It IS all about me....F&F has always had strong stylish pieces and this season is no different but Tu at Sainsburys gets my vote. Take a through to Shop My Looks for details. I think you'll agree there are some great pieces for Spring AND all at amazing prices.

Supermarket shopping is fab. Food and Fashion. Two of my favourite things under one roof!

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