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Valentine Fashion ❤

One day to go and my thoughts turn to all things red, pink, hearty and lippy.

I was going to write a little article on outfits to wear for Valentine's Day, that romantic dinner at a beautiful restaurant, the outfit to wear to a smart cocktail bar or perhaps the capsule wardrobe for the weekend away to some wildly idyllic hotel.

But let's face it. unless you are about 12 and are heading to the local pizza place where single red carnations adorn the table and the menu is twice the price for meatballs and tiramisu, Valentine's Day has a different theme. It's more about shoving the kids to bed, picking that stubbornly hard baked bean off your top and taking the cellophane off the ready meal (M&S preferably as it's just one step higher than Aldi). One might even try and eat at the table rather than the mightily chav-tastic lap trays your MIL gave you when you got married (and we've used every supper since...), one might dust off the smelly candle you were given last year and one might even engage in real adult conversation.

Whatever you do, do not tell me you are actually doing the romantic things in the first paragraph. That would be mean....because as you probably realised, I am the baked bean woman, frantically trying to write the romantic card over the kids frankfurter tea and polish the champagne glasses before He gets home.... This year we do however have a particularly fabulous bottle of Dom Perignon 2006 to enjoy so its all good!

I've found a fab selection of Valentine Day themed items. All of which can be worn at anytime, not just tomorrow. My particular favourites are singled out a good trainer. Seem to live in them these days. Grey Sweatshirts seem to be my thing (check out my Instagram!) and who doesn't want a blouse with lips all over, particularly when it's only £18 from Sainsbury's.

All prices, details and links are on my Looks page. Just click below....

Happy Valentine's Day. Happy celebrating and happy shopping 💕

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