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Celebrity Style Inspiration

Ever have that feeling when you wake up that, despite the thrill of the day ahead.. (does anyone actually feel that?!), that you simply have no inspiration of what to wear. No immediate ideas and no obvious options that spring to mind? It's times like this, perhaps the night before rather than first thing in the morning, that I like to look at what everyone else is wearing. Celebrities mainly. I'd rather look at the fashion choices of those who have been expertly styled than the girl down the road. She may be gorgeous in her own right and have amazing clothes but I like the feeling that someone has been paid ridiculously large sums of money to style this celebrity to look almost effortless, given them a look that shrieks ease and comfort but oozes style and chic. It's a look I aspire too and fail massively every morning.

I wake up, take one look in the mirror....sigh and reach for the thing I most likely wore the day before. Then I don't even have to make any decision. Or I base my outfit on who am I actually going to see today, without my coat on. Is this person worthy of my new purchases last week, a scruffy old jumper or my finest togs. Or I am destined to keep my coat on all the time and then clearly I could be wearing my's a bit like wearing matching underwear on a date...better to be appropriately armed and ready...

Today I've picked three very different outfits that I'd rather like to copy. I'd also rather like to look like the celebrities too but we all know that's going to cost rather more than the actual clothes. Even if one doesn't actually have or buy these items, it's the style that's worth a second look. How things are put together, how different lengths are important, layering and the use of belts and scarfs. How the handbag doesn't actually have to match the outfit but compliment it. How the shoes aren't stupidly high heels that no one wears except for photos or parties.

These are honest outfits, comfy and on trend. Easily copied from the high street and easily worn by everyone. Next time you lack inspiration or get stuck in a rut, take a look around and see if you can find a style to give you new direction. If you don't need too or have it sussed, please let me know. I could do with some help!

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