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2018 Catwalk Trends - My High Street Version

Now that Christmas is over, the post binge healthy eating plan has begun and our thoughts turn to the year ahead, it's about now we can see various trends appearing in the shops. Or, if you don't actually spend quite as much time as me window shopping (it's an addiction I tell you, can't help it), the magazines and online pages tell the same story.

The catwalk themes last year in advance of this season are now ripe and ready for us to enjoy on the high street. When you see photos of the fashion shows, it's rather hard to see how these can translate to wearable clothes for PLU's. That's People Like Us, the non-designers, non-models and those that aren't quite millionaires yet who see spending ten grand on a coat acceptable. Who does that?!

There are oodles of different trends this season. Too many to mention so I've chosen the ones that I like and the ones I think are wearable and sourced options from the high street and online that I rather fancy.

Lavender....good. Checks aren't bad. I even like the Red and Pink Clashing trend. Fringing I am getting on board with (my recent Instagram pic made me look like a pelmet) and ruching is always a win. Good for the waistline.

Some trends I cannot understand.

Take the 'Clear' bag trend.

Why on earth would you want a see through handbag?! Firstly I have no desire for people to see the packet of Poundland wet wipes, the rogue raisins lurking mouldily at the bottom or the emergency Alka-Seltzer Plus for the school run hangover. Horrors of horrors one would display the Sooper Dooper Tampax (it's a three kids thing...), Superdrug lip gloss or the Primark loyalty card. To hide all the crap it would be necessary to have a bag for everything. A bag in a bag, in a bag and then your handbag starts a Russia doll effect, one inside the other, in the other, in the other, and to find the Amex would take 6 hours of unzipping, zipping and more unzipping until you get to the last teeny dolly bag. Dumb....

So here is my line up. Took hours to research so you better take a good long look...and remember these trends as you shop. They are literally everywhere and take many forms and it's interesting to see how each brand invents their own version.

I'm not a fashion guru, a connoisseur of style or even a trend setter. I just love clothes, love shopping and love telling you all about it. Enjoy the new season and happy shopping!

Clockwise from top left - Bag Kurt Geiger £70, Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mint Velvet £49, Bow Neck Shirt Mango £19.99, Jumper And Other Stories £49, Trainers Levi’s £24.00, Coat ASOS £50.

Clockwise from top left - Shirt Zara £12.99, Jumper Kaleidoscope £39, Cardigan Shoptiques £39, Jeans ASOS £29.50, Bag Notonthehighstreet £49, Boots Allsaints £29.

Clockwise from top left - Sneakers J.Crew £88, Jacket Next £75, Coat Topshop £89, Cotton Shirt And Other Stories £30, Bag Joules £70, Top Zara £19.99.

Clockwise from top left - Dress Hush £30, Sweater Next £28, Skirt Baukjen £55, Bag ASOS £16.50, Blouse M&S £22.50, Boots Wallis £29.

Clockwise from top left - Blouse Wallis £28, Purse Shoptiques £30, Dress Hybrid £36, T-Shirt Boden £20, Trainers Carvela £139, Jumper ASOS £20.

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