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The NYE Dinner Party Edit

I don't have a spreadsheet for New Year's Eve this year as it'll be the first year in almost ten years we are handing the reins over to a friend who is hosting. So I need not be organised with menu planning, wine pairing or table plan plotting. I shall be reclining somewhere soft and quaffing something suitably decadent whilst I browse for something new to wear. New Year's Eve has always been, before I had children (read old, tired and a little bit more wrinkly) about finding a party with suitably loud music, a pumping atmosphere and plenty of booze. Staying in has now become the new going out. Or so I tell myself to avoid feelings of helpless despair at becoming boring. Having said that, ours are pretty raucous, ridiculously loud and very drunken. Usually involving dancing, definitely involving shots and almost always involving game playing....think more Cards of Humanity, less Keys in a Pot. That's just weird...

What to wear for a dinner party affair means careful advance planning. Nothing too tight in case the food is divine and you eat too much, not too see through or by candle light you may look inappropriately naked and not too bright. It's not a disco after all. For simplicity, I'll be choosing a top to wear with black trousers, probably jeans. Smart ones. No holes. I've trawled the high street shops and come up with the following short list, all of which suit all shapes and sizes but definitely suit black trousers and heels. Teamed with perhaps a blazer or light jacket, the look is complete. I haven't added earrings and accessories. It's Christmas, time is tight and I'm about to embark on making 3000 mini Yorkshire puddings as canapés for The Big Day. So I'll wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a fun New Year, however you celebrate!

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