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The Perfect School Run Coat...aka Keeping Warm and Dry!

Warm and dry. With wry amusement I write this line as 99% of the time I am only one or the other, very rarely both which has prompted me to write this post. I am slightly obsessed with reading the weather report at 6.45am every morning as I get dressed, assuming this insider knowledge will help me choose my clothes wisely. This generally fails spectacularly and, as I am so indecisive, I am then always late, madly rushing to get cheerios on the table, straighten my hair and pose for the habitual morning Instagram shot, usually at the same time. And yes I normally fail epically which is why you get a photo of just the coffee mug or my shoes! Multi-tasking at it's best. And most mornings I debate the coat issue. Thick or thin, waterproof or take an umbrella. Life's hardest decisions...ha.

I also check the weather report at 2.30pm before I leave for the school run again. I can't bear to be too warm particularly as sans buggy I am usually thrown, in the face, 3 school bags and 3 coats before snacks are demanded and a raging thirst appears from each biscuit covered mouth. So usually the afternoon is about thin and comfort as I'll doubtless sweat buckets as a pack horse. Or a mule. Or an Ass....

The waterproof, or at least shower proof coats can be ghastly. A mix of country casuals meets aged rambler. In fact, finding these options was harder than usual as whilst most profess to be warm and padded, adding in waterproof or shower resistant, the options dwindle and the more fashionable high street options fall flat.

I've chosen a broad range that are either online or in the stores but all are available online. Colours are tricky as it's again harder to find much more than blue or black but I did find a couple of other variations. For me, I love a good black furry number...but each to their own.

Fortuitous timing is this post as with the Black Friday sales this week, you might save some cash. And yes, I can go down the route of Barbour, and the more desirable shops but charging over £150 for a coat just isn't my style, So, if you want the best bargains but still want on trend looks, best get shopping!

Tu clothing Teal Quilted Belted Coat £40

Trespass Clea Rain Jacket £85

Next Technical Parka £98

Regatta Fermina Long Parka - Khaki £85

Oasis Borah Wax Parka Coat, Khaki £75

George Ozark Trail Waterproof Wind Resistant Faux Fur Trim Coat £48

QUECHUA SH600 Women's Warm Snow Hiking Jacket £74.99

F&F Shower Resistant Down Fill Duvet Coat £55

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