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It's Christmas Jumper Time...

It's 47 days until Christmas at time of writing this. To me this is exciting and also somewhat daunting but still an event I am looking forward to enormously. It's mind numbingly expensive, goes in a flash and usually leaves some lasting damage such as an enlarged waistline, a flagging liver and perhaps the odd momentary bout of exhaustion (or maybe that's just me?!) but on the whole, it's a fun-filled, hugely entertaining family and friends time which we all love each year.

To match the frivolity of Christmas, one needs a suitable jumper and jumpers are my thing, It needs to encompass such scenarios as Christmas cake with Granny, after work drinks, the school Christmas social or perhaps just a mulled wine or two with good friends. Smart but not crazy. On trend but not too young and classic without feeling like an aged aunt. Dress up or dress down, I've chosen these 10 from literally hundreds as I felt they were perfect for all of the above - and if I could, I'd own every single one. And yes, there are no singing puddings or flashing reindeer here. That's the next post...!

Below are my top ten individually listed. Each is linked so just click and find the details. You can also find the items on the Shop My Looks page. Happy shopping and more importantly, a very Happy (early by 47 days!) Christmas....

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