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1 Sport-Luxe Trouser, 4 Different Ways....

I've been fascinated by side stripe trousers, sport-luxe pants or athleisure wear since I saw Olivia Palermo in a Victoria Beckham pair a few months ago. Fortunately the pair she has designed for Banana Republic look almost as good and at an affordable £70, more widely available to us mere mortals that perhaps don't want to part with £500 for a VB pair. There are so many styles to choose from but I particularly like these ones as they come in a tuxedo style, nicely nipped in at the ankle and look less like you are about to break into a run. And let's face it, these trousers are way too nice to get sweaty in....sportswear or not.

To be inventive, helpful and very clever I've worked up 4 outfits using the same pair of trousers. To me it just shows how versatile one piece can be and how it can be manipulated in so many ways. And I've just chosen the ones that sprang to my mind. I bet there are plenty more scenarios to explore depending on lifestyle.

The School Run.......Clearly I do the school run, a lot. If you drive then perhaps a thick coat may not be appropriate but it must get colder at some point right? I love this look, a bit of sparkle, a slightly larger bag to carry any extra kid stuff and a nice warm coat for the playground chat. I've added a decent floaty top under in case you head somewhere post drop off. Nothing worse than taking your outer layers off to reveal a top you really wished you'd not worn but there is no where to hide!

Clockwise from top left - Trousers Banana Republic £69.50, Coat Miss Selfridge Puffer Khaki £55.20, Top Nordstrom Free People Odyssey Tee £36.23, Bag Les P’tites Bombes Sac Tote Caba £50.99, Hat F&F Jewel Embellished Beanie £8, Trainers Wallis Bronze Zip Detail £24.50

The Dinner.....It doesn't matter how often you go out for dinner, it's still fun to get a little dressed up? This is more dressy than the local curry house but then I'd swop the pub outfit and save this one for the posh nosh. This bag might look frivolous but isn't it such fun!

Clockwise from top left - Trousers Banana Republic £69.50, Top Guess Blouse £59, Bag Rainbow Glitter Handbag by Pup Tart Handmade £34, Blazer Miss Selfridge £27.30, Sandals Dorothy Perkins Gold £20.25, Cuff Made It! Vegan Collection £25

The Pub.....I love going to the pub and am always on the look out for clothes that are casual but still smart enough to show it matters. My local establishment is not a high heel type of place hence the flats, a stylish but low key chunky cardigan and a fun slogan t-shirt. A casual outfit but chic and on trend.

Clockwise from top left - Trousers Banana Republic £69.50, T-shirt Fwp by Rae SANTÉ slogan £28, Cardigan Zara Oversize Crochet Mustard £69.99, Bag Parfois Clutch green £30.99, Necklace TLM.Edit £18, Shoes Prima Donna Ballet flats £24

The Office....My last outfit and one I love but as I don't have an office job, one I am unlikely to wear. I am however deeply in love with the look and would really like to try it on in a different scenario.... Some office jobs might be more funky, more open to colours but I was corporate so I've stuck to what would work in my hood. Classic, sleek and smart.

Clockwise from top left - Trousers Banana Republic £69.50, Top Free People Ingrid Tie Button down £78, Coat V By Very Premium Faux Fur Fleece Cape £21, Bag Zara Bucket Bag with scarf detail £29.99, Shoes Urban Outfitters Kylie Black Court Shoes £45, Earrings Wolf & Badger Green Onyx £27

So, 1 trouser 4 ways. Even if the entire lot all together would bankrupt me, I've loved exploring how one item can look so different with new style variations and being able to showcase them here for you to see. This exercise has also given me some more things to add to my shopping list. Or perhaps my Christmas list seeing as it's fast approaching. God help us all....

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