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Is the Metallic trend actually wearable?

I was going to write about Athleisure wear (it is actually a real word!) or Sportswear but I've decided that neither appeal to me right now. I've had my smoothie breakfast, my morning will be a nice long run and my evening workout courtesy of Sean T will commence after kids bedtime. I feel that I will have had my fill of healthy stuff today.

I'm going Metallic instead and as I am seeing more and more shiny garments appearing in the shops, my interest has been sparked in this style. The fashion for shine has been around a while but growing in popularity as the high-street shops bid for your attention with billowing golds and crisp silver vestments. But some are just plain daft.

The catwalks for the AW17 were full of some amazing items that even when classed as Ready To Wear, clearly were not. To fit these items into ones normal day is not just laughable, it's plain dumb. You'd either have to be an anorexic robot or a 7 foot glitter ball to be able to pull off some of the outfits.

That said, some gave me inspiration of what could work, what could be incorporated into daily life without looking a total tit.

I've chose the following items in various categories to give you a wider choice of clothes, shoes and bags that will work really well as part of an outfit, some smart, some casual. It's definitely a look that will increase in popularity especially nearer Christmas. Who doesn't want to shine and sparkle like a festive bauble in December?