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These Boots Are Made for Walking...

My feet hurt. Some would say throbbing but fortunately they are now warm, slippered up and comfy. It's not flip flop weather any more so it's about now that I start thinking about winter boots. I don't mean the fabulously decadent style that one would feel befitting of a night out, dinner up town or fancy party. The eye-watering heel height and snazzy fabric. This is the dull, boring boot of the school run. The kind of boot that needs to be low enough to stop your feet bleeding in under 5 minutes but chic enough to stop you feeling like Granny, or someone with so little style she may have well stayed in bed to assuage the embarrassment of pants boot-wear. Shame on you.

No one boot is the same for everyone, it's a very individual thing. But one thing is true, if you need to be on your feet all day, they need to be comfy. Yes there are the Ugg boot style slipper things, and yes I have a pair. They are remarkably comfy but to be me, they have their place and really not everyday....please god no. Yes there are flat trainers, skater shoes, slimming wedges and colourful ballerinas. All perfectly wonderful in their own right but winter is coming, the cold is approaching and one needs a sensible but stylish boot.

I've highlighted the ankle boot. Preferably paired with skinny jeans. Anything on top but of course, it has to be a decent jumper (my favourite item at the moment clearly) and a fabulous coat (that's my next blog!).

Most of the boots below come in a variety of difference colours so happy shopping, happy boot finding and bring on the school run... Not. It's mostly very dull but the walk does mean I am getting even closer to the shops. It's called research you know, not retail therapy....

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