It's M&S....and it's good!

September 27, 2017



Marks and Sparks my Granny called it. It used to be her go-to for stable cardigans and knee length skirts in plaid and tweet. In recent years I also embraced the need for staples and made it my port of call for new cotton undies and sensible work flats, the odd box of pop-socks and perhaps a thermal or two. Then it went a bit wrong.  A bit old, a bit frumpy and a whole heap of not-really-my-kind-of-place-anymore.


But, probably in the last 18 months or so things have changed. It's actually pretty good! It's not often I pass an M&S clothing branch but recently I did and was spoilt for choice. Fantastic Autumn colours, flattering cuts and a real emphasis on current trend. There are no copies of the catwalk, more subtle hints of its style. Fabulous textures, colourful prints and silky soft jumpers. Yep, I'm a little bit obsessed which is great because shortly I get paid and I'm heading to M&S.....well actually the husband gets the dosh but effectively it's all mine because my 24/7 job has no salary, bonuses or pay rises.


It used to be alarming that one could shop in the same place as my Granny but now it makes me see that it shouldn't be your age that defines your style but rather choosing a style that defines who you are, regardless of how old you are. I might not go and try on that plaid skirt and pearl button cardigan she so fondly lived in...that would be too weird. I will however make M&S my new port of call for on trend, stylish fashion for sensible money, And I think you should too!


Here are my top picks for the Autumn. With so many to choose from this was tricky and my list could go on and on! Click on the photos for more details.














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