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Hurray...It's Jumper Season!

I've now bought 7 new jumpers in as many days. It's a slight addiction... And no, I am, not suddenly massively wealthy and money doesn't grow on a suspiciously magic tree in my garden. It's about shopping in either the right places or working out how a jumper can look good, regardless of where its from or how much it costs. And this is now my wardrobe for the remainder of 2017!

Earlier in the spring I blogged about the fashion for larger sleeved shirts also known as flared / bell / wide / balloon. For AW17 they have been transferred to the jumper and it's extremely popular. It's a bloggers delight, a fashion excitement and a very easy look for everyone.

I know one should feel sad that the warmer sun has seemingly gone for the year but it does open up a whole new style for everyone. Not only can you hide a multitude of sins under a nice big jumper (although since Kayla, my sins are getting smaller yay), jumpers can be teamed with a variety of bottoms, be it jeans, skirts, leggings (maybe a step too far?!) or just simply some skinny trousers. It's worth playing around with a few options to find what works best for you.

Here are some of my favourites from the high-street in a variety of colours. What's not to love huh?

Click on the photos for further details....

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