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Beach Poses & Why My Jeans Don't Fit....

Beach much frequented holiday beach was stunning and the landscape amazing. From our little patch of sand, we watched singles, romantic couples and families perform all manner of poses for their cameras all perched on a very sharp rock just to get the perfect shot of the beautiful backdrop. All those that took part, bar one who was so overly voluptuous I feared for her life up on that craggy tip, were trim and toned and looked impossibly healthy. Now this blog isn't the ranting of an emotionally insecure late 30 something who seeks attention and exclamations of 'no, you look great don't worry'. It is to say I want to be them, I want to pose in swimwear and feel that confident that even though my feet were bleeding from the barnicles, I could still smile confidently without the need to suck anything in, cover anything up or blur the photo in certain places using a terrible app downloaded from Taiwan.

This realisation would have been slightly more useful before my holiday rather than after but hey....

I am back on my sofa now so I can't eat any more holiday food, can't drink wine from 11.30am and although it was all delicious and decadent, I have to admit that I am considerably heavier than I was just 10 days ago. And whilst I still profess to being happy with The Wobble, this has gone beyond that and I have entered a whole new level. This level has absolutely nothing to do with having children and the body that bears the marks, this level is about cheese and chorizo and the most enormous amount of local wine.

Tonight I shall have a take away curry as a fitting end to my over indulgence.... go figure, literally.

Tomorrow 'it' starts. 'It' being the beginning of a new and healthier me. I am starting Kayla Itsines. I have the cook book, Week 1's menu (Mr Ocado delivers it all tomorrow), the wall planner and the app. Just about everyone knows her name so I'm probably a bit late to the game but her Instagram alone is enough to spur me on and the before and after photos are extremely inspirational. It won't come as any surprise to learn that I like to share my thoughts, likes and debatable issues online for you all to see so I shall be updating my blog regularly with my progress. I'm not sure I am brave enough to post photos yet.....perhaps when I actually look like Ms Itsines will I bare all.........until that day wish me luck 🤞🏻

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