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The Wobble...Can One Laugh It Off?

The wobble. The tummy. The post children tummy that a very large percent of the world's mothers must suffer from. The moment after the post-partum body has shrunk and reduced to levels less than a beached whale. Less than the somewhat gargantuan lady you became when 'with child'. To me, a wonderful state and one that be should relished and enjoyed and become at peace with one's changing shape. I adored the swell of the tummy, the steady growth of my bump and the stretching of the skin to encompass the warm little human growing inside. Do that three times over however in quick sucession and it takes it toll. More than enough for me.

Today a seemingly intelligent person felt it necessary to inform me, disdainfully, that my stomach was big and saggy. Clearly they didn't realise that it is the one thing that gets to me. My worse bit. A blip on the usual bright side of my life. Something that made me stop, have a think and then get really annoyed.

My summer holiday is approaching and with it goes the trauma of The Wobble. I've never been thin. Like the flat tummied photos you see of other women but it's not been like it is now. My beautiful children love touching my wrinkled girth, they love nothing better than giving it a good wobble, a good snuggle and a gentle grab. With fondess and extreme kindness they tell me it's because my tummy has held three children and that it had to get bigger to fit them all in. Bless each one. To anyone who has a multiple birth I take my wobbly hat off to you..

So facing a dilemma. Diet excessively to see what difference I can make to The Wobble in 11 days and become self obsessed and very very hangry or take absolutely no notice and continue as I am.... a happy go lucky mum who works hard to survive and make a happy healthy home for my family.

The emphasis on women, post children, to bounce back and regain the figure of a twenty-year-old-something is not only rude, it's unecessary. Some do, some don't but we should never be at the end of a bitter comment directly purely to cause shame on a women proud to have borne children and proud to be part of the club. The Wobble Club. It's new, I've just created it and I'm going to own it. My Club, My Tummy....and I'm happy.

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