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The Sloganeering Trend

Victoria Beckham's latest addition to her collection is very ironic......and a brilliant example of getting a message across.

Slogan t-shirts have grown rapidly in popularity and everyone seems to be getting in on the action. Celebrities and us regular folk are clambering to get one, to find the perfect one which either tell of a mood, a place or simply to announce something meaningful. Some are long and some short. Some are just plain ridiculous!

I last wore a slogan t-shirt when I was about 15. I remember it well as both my older sister and my mum had one too....oh the shame.

It was black and tight with a silver glittery 'Love' on the front. Teamed with black flared leggings (do such things still exist?!) and army surplus DM boots, I rocked it. Big style. I rocked it all the way to a dodgy nightclub in Worthing called Rutherford's. It was dodgy then, perhaps more glamourous today?! I did swop my bovver boots for a heeled ankle version and added some daring long tassel bauble earring things. Little did I know back then that two of my gawky teenage styles would be set to return to the fashion world with so much excitement. I'm now just waiting for the flared leggings to make a come back and I'll be in fashion heaven!

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