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It's a Cover-Up....Beach-style

The holiday is coming....looming you might say. That moment when I realise that I can't wear jeans every day, I have to bare my legs and horrors of horrors, somehow shoe horn myself into some form of swimwear.

I haven't decided which yet. I tend to shun the simple costume for fear of looking geriatric and matron-esque with lopsided boobs and a droopy belly button. The bikini-diet hasn't gone quite as well as predicted and having been re-started every Monday morning and abandoned by mid afternoon, that dream has clearly died. So it's the trusty tankini. The half way house, the safe choice and the one I feel more comfortable in.

But.....I've never managed to be entirely at ease roaming around wearing just this, it is just pants and a top and a whole lot of flesh after all. So here is the where the cover-up comes in. My saviour in these dark days of roaming semi-nude around complete strangers.

So here is my round up in price brackets. I think they should be pretty but functional and thin so you don't start to sweat whilst sipping that Margherita. It must look fantastic and, even though you simply threw it on in a matter of seconds, it needs to look like an outfit. Carefully chosen and sensibly matching the summer accessories you've also got to hand. Don't forget those metallic sandals, slogan beach bags and cat-eye name a few on trend items this summer!

All items are on my Shop My Blog page - just click the link and view the item. Happy Holidays 😎

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