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The Perfect Denim Skirt....

The Denim Skirt. The must-have fashion item for SS17....apparently. Yes, well, perhaps for some. For me it's a different thing. They remind of little girls rather than grown women. Kind of sweet, kind of retro and usually rather short.

As I write this I am at Hampton Court Palace. I see not one denim skirt on a women aged more than 30. Jeans, shorts and a couple of dresses, yes. Does that mean the entire population of the Magic Gardens didn't get this fashion memo? Perhaps they are all too unfashionable to know they should be wearing one? Or perhaps, and looking around it seems more likely, that sitting on the grass or bending over the sandpit, or in fact just having small humans around, isn't possible in a skirt. Particularly one that has no give, no stretch. I think a stretchy denim skirt is possibly a stretch (haha nice) too far. Wrong. In other words.

I have given in though and purchased one from Zara about 4 minutes ago. It might be worth noting however that I am not now entertaining the kids, but entertaining a bottle of Chablis and it said to me that I really should give one a go, try it out and if failing spectacularly, just give it to someone half my age, half my size and with thighs the span of my forearm.

At time of writing this the Zara one has sold out.'s popular you know....

A few options below. I haven't compared designer to budget but given examples of both in different styles to suit all tastes. Just not too short, too tight or too stretchy.....please. And if the celebs can get it right, I'm pretty sure we can too 💕

Shopbop £135

River Island £35

Mint Velvet £29

Marques'almeida £251

M&S £27.50

Karen Millen £40

Hush '£45

Givenchy £490

F&F £16

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