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Little White Dress Illusions..

I'm into my fifth homemade shortbread biscuit and it's about now that I start to panic about wearing a Little White Dress and how I've managed to totally eradicate the benefits of the uber healthy stir fry I served up just before the biscuit least with the monumental hangover I am currently suffering from, I have luckily managed to reserve a few calories without having my usual barrel of wine with supper...

Speaking of barrels, I can never quite understand how my brain works.

With the biscuit binge aforementioned, you'd think that a floaty dress would be more flattering. Perhaps hiding, and quite rightly so, the slightly distended girth and sugar laden hips from public sight.

However, I'm still going to go for the fitted dress, the unforgiving second skin kind of dress where you can't eat for a week before, definitely not when actually wearing it and end up stuffing your face after. And when I look in the mirror, my brain sees the photo at the top of this blog. Not the brunette bit. Or the sultry hair tucking thing. That's just weird. I see the tall leggy slim bit complete with flat stomach and pencil legs.

And you know what, I'm happy. I'm happy that my brain fools me into this slightly bizarre twist of reality. I'm happy because, even though it's a big fat lie and I am clearly not this model, it makes me feel positive, it enhances my mood and when you feel good, life is great. So, when I wear my LWD, I shall do so with pride. And whilst I am only five foot three and just slim enough to fit through doors, I shall walk tall and tuck my hair behind my ear with a smile.....a sultry one.

Now where are those sodding biscuits....


To celebrate the white dress, I've put together some outifts that I would personally choose to wear and that should work with any style white dress you have. I've dressed up the white dress, and dressed it down. Both variations have the budget version versus the designer / top end. More details on these items can be found this time on my Shop My Blog on my website. Or just click on the photo for a link to this page. You don't need to actually 'shop', but the details on what shop and what price are all in one place, easy huh?

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