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Posies & Petals...A Floral Shirt Story

The floral shirt....The last time I saw these shirts grow in popularity was in my youth at what used to be known as a Barn Dance. I'm not quite sure if they still exist and what they are now called, and if anyone actually admits to attending one but in my day, they were all the rage. A bit like Morris Dancing, but that's another story....

Resplendent in my floral shirt, denim shorts and extremely fashionable Doc Martins, I felt a million dollars (no laces mind you so although I felt a million dollars, I could barely walk, more shuffle, let alone dance) . Real actual hay bales and proper gingham tablecloths were in abundance, as was some filthy looking punch stuff that tasted no better. Crispy blackened sausages and soggy nachos completed the amazing feast.

I vividly remember the dance instructions being shouted out by a man dressed in a neckerchief made from the same tablecloth, but still having no pigging idea what I was meant to be doing, in which direction and who with and the sheer blind panic felt when you realised your partner had long been dosi-doed down the line (by someone wearing shoe laces) and you were left with Great Uncle Colin, who quite frankly was pretty old, smelly and had hairy moles on his wandering hands.

There are many different styles of these shirts, ranging from white with red flowers, blue with pink flowers and some with entire bouquets strategically placed across ones décolletage. Nice. They've even evolved to dresses and skirts. All-in-ones too....if you like that kind of thing...and are about 5.

If it was up to me, I'd find a version away from the major high-street stores. With their increasingly popularity, I've now seen the Zara version on 5 different people in 3 days. It's a marvellous shirt but it's very distinctive so I have purposely sourced these options below which are a bit different. A blue version and a white with different price tags. Not only are they slightly different, there is less chance of finding your floral chemise twin on day one. I've created a complete outfit using the blue shirt over on my Facebook page - check it out!

Now take your partner, skip to the left and swing them round and round....oh whatever......

Rails £156.60

ASOS £48

Selfridges £295

Shoptiques £41

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