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A Totes Love Affair..

Having only recently entered the big bag world by buying a handbag which more resembles a nose bag for an extremely large hoofed animal, I have become now an avid fan of the larger holdall and am constantly on the look out for yet another one to add to my small, but growing collection of bags.

I can see only one major drawback with bags such as these. How the heck to do you find anything in it? My house keys? Gone. My wallet, last seen 24 hours ago and as for my phone, haven't found that for over a week. But the amount of stuff you can fit in astounds me. I can literally carry my entire life around with me and still have room for an industrial sized Dairy Milk, the staple diet of any sleep deprived 30 something mother of three unruly children..

As a child I was always fascinated by Mary Poppins' bag. That wondrous moment when she pulled out items that were clearly ludicrously large but I was enthralled none the less. Deep down I do believe in the magic and when rootling around each hour for my house keys, I get excited just in case I manage to pull out a magnum of champagne, or even better, Brad Pitt.

Designers are having a field day embracing the larger bag this summer with an array of colours, shapes and accessories, from eye catching pompoms to spots and stripes and tassels. Some made for beach trips and some for office trips. And of course you can spend designer money and splash out on Chloe, McQueen and Victoria Beckham, middle road it with Ted Baker, Phase Eight, Mint Velvet etc or maximise your budget with Oasis, Warehouse and Mango.

Right now, although I couldn't find Brad Pitt, I've lost my keys again and the chocolate has been eaten, I do at least have a Pimms in my hand....and no, I didn't find it in my bag.

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