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Sunshine In My Pocket

A boyfriend a long time ago once told me that yellow made me look ill so I ditched my entirely yellow wardrobe and in protest wore only black for at least 3 years. Gradually I've been able to shake off those feelings of deathly - yellow - inadequacy and have added a few golden staple pieces in my wardrobe. In the last few months it's gone a little bit crazy (think Big-Bird on speed) so to rein it back, I've been playing around with colour schemes and accessories. I believe that anyone can wear yellow, in all its variations and look amazing. Bright yellow, to pale on to ochre and butterscotch. With so many colour alternatives, you are spoilt for choice.

Some call it Mellow Yellow but to me it's more vibrant, sunshine filled and most definitely evokes feelings of happiness and all round fun. Right now, with the rain lashing at the windows and the heating on I am feeling distinctly miserable but according to the guru on the TV, the warm weather is set to return.

So, if you want to look more like celebrities such as Emma Stone and Minnie Driver and a lot less like our feathered friend, these ideas might make you inspired...and of course, they are budget driven specifically and created by me for It's All About Me.

My favourite casual outfit so far. Rubbish on a day like today, awesome for tomorrow in the warmth. A classic and beautifully cut high neck top accessorised with some stunning sandals, a chic scarf and a fabulously on trend belt-style bracelet. It's yellow with a breakthrough of white. It's a celebration of yellow without going too far. And along side each high cost item, my less spendy look where the prices reflect an alternative budget. You don't have to be rich to look good, you don't have to be poor to look bad..... everyone has a chance to look blimin fantastic in yellow. Now if you don't mind, I'll raise a glass to that.