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Hush Tropical Trousers

I say shhhhhhh but really it seems like every woman and her dog knows Hush. I must be the only one who doesn't own an item and that is simply because of the enormous hilarity of meeting up with friends all wearing a variation of Hush's theme. We wouldn't need conversation but more a game of spot the difference.

Hush is rather delightful though. It's catalogue of beautiful everyday women looking amazing which plops on my doormat, usually coinciding with me finding a cheerio stuck to my boob and a sticky patch (orange juice obvs) on my left slipper.

It's also not massively expensive. It's an ok kind of affordable price unless you wanted the whole lot. Which is greedy.

There are many many similar pieces out there at the moment which mimic the look of Hush. Is it a case of perhaps spending a little more to not compromise on quality? Having seen these examples in person, they are all rather delightful and stand up to the look and feel of the more spendy Hush. I'm pretty sure I could be happy with any of these - it's all about the fashion innit.

In the interests of not only embracing this new warm weather we are having but also the seemingly growing trend in tropical trousers, I've lifted this look from the Hush catalogue and recreated it from the high-street or from online stores. It's not a bad compromise and to be honest, I very much like both options.

Hush trousers teamed with their signature slub t-shirt and topped with as fabulous denim jacket. I last wore a jacket like this when I was 9 so it's about time I got a new one.

Hush Tropical Leaves Relaxed Trousers

Hush Cotton Slub V-Neck T-Shirt
Hush Denim Jacket

My comparative version goes to the high-street with names such as Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins. Great brands, great prices...I'd get the Hush, but I'm still worried about my first it's game on for Joe Brown!

Joe Browns Tropical Jersey Trousers
Topshop Slub V-Neck T-Shirt
New Look Denim jacket

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