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What's with the Cold Shoulder?

For this time of year, it's still surprisingly chilly some days. Where's the summer huh? There is nothing better than a good cold shoulder jumper to make one have a warm toasty glow. But seriously it's a really good look. Just a little alluring but not too much. A little chilly but again, not overly so. And if you can get away without a jacket, at least its still a jumper so you should survive!

This is the kind of look that screams I haven't made an effort to look this good, it came naturally...really it did. If you half close one eye and don't focus on my dishevelled hair and slightly bloodshot eyes.

My two top choices of CS jumper are these. I love both. First is Replay for £90 and the second is Daisy Street for £19.99. I've gone and bought the pricier version as I simply adore it. And as I write, the sun has come out allowing my shoulders to get a little warmer. Just.

Replay Cold Shoulder Knit Jumper

Daisy Street Cold Shoulder Jumper

To complete both jumper looks, I've chosen sequin encrusted trainers and black jeans. I love this look. Sparkly trainers are 'in' right now and are a dream to wear. Especially if you spend your entire life on your feet, these look beautifully comfy. Skinny jeans...well...I just can't get my head around boot cut right now...makes me feel 12 again and that's not a good thing.

Below, Phase Eight Jeans, Dune Skater Trainers and a beautiful black leather bracelet from Swarovski. I've never bought anything from Swarovski before but finding this gem in a magazine has almost converted me.

Phase Eight Black Jeans

Dune Skater Trainer

Swarovski Bracelet

And for the budget conscious, or just perhaps because you prefer these more highstreet brands, I've put together this items. I can't believe how good this looks, considering the entire outfit is nearly £200 less! Now that's a good deal considering they are so similar...

George Ankle Grazer Black Jeans

Quiz Skater Trainers

Quiz Black Strap Bracelet

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