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It's All About....The Bouclé

Jackets jacket jackets. Everyone seems to have a jacket this spring. And with so many to choose from it's hard to know where to start. I love a good jacket....she says sitting in a hoodie and some sweat pants but hey, I do try hard sometimes...

Flitting between trying to look hard core glamourous and achieving that awesome one off ensemble without making an effort and looking like I've just dragged myself out of bed, the jacket can help considerably to finish off ones chosen outfit. Today, because the sun is shining, I've decided to look at cream and pastel shades. Unless you have the washed-out dull look about you (strongly suggest this is addressed quickly if so), this colour can suit most people. Top this with jeans and some bang on trend trainers, you're going to look amazing. And with a bag for all your gumpf and a plain t-shirt you're laughing.

And as per this point of his entire blog , here are two versions. Ted Baker versus Asos.

Ted Baker cropped sparkle boucle jacket