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Westfield and Me

Westfield London

Shopping? Love it. Drinking champagne? Love it. I find my most happy moment when I'm shopping and drinking champagne at the same time. Needless to say that clearly ever happens.

I did however have a 4 hours Westfield shopping trip last weekend and its was most definitely sponsored by the champagne bar down the posh end. What got me though is the enormous range of styles that are followed throughout each store. The colours are the same, the theme is the same. In most cases, the cut is similar enough to warrant a second look. Importantly though is the price. And this is where it gets interesting. You can dress for less. It IS possible. High-street stores are avidly watching the cat walks and coming up with rather good copies, similar if not almost identical. All you need to do with decide how much to spend! And before you ask, yes, these are my personal choices based on nothing more than my personal preferences. And yes, there are plenty more options out there but I like these ones. And I hope you do too!

Take this for example. Bell sleeves. Or fluted sleeves if you please. Flared too....are in this spring. They come in a range of colours but nothing is better than a good white shirt. This is set to make its mark...apparently...

Everybody likes a good white shirt. Thrown over skinny jeans and teamed with some flats or trainers, you have the look of a casual but clearly well dressed woman who knows her style. Top with a spring jacket (boucle perhaps?), you are in a win win position!

I love this version by Karen Millen. Simple, easy to wear and fab with skinny jeans...

Karen Millen The Bell Sleeve Shirt £99

Or the budget busting version from Miss Selfridge. Both with proper collars and fluted sleeves.

Miss Selfridge Flute Sleeve Poplin Shirt, White £32

All very similar but hugely different in price but still amazing. Which did I choose? None, as I went for lunch instead but the point is, its possible to spend less and still look amazing!

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