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The Perfect School Run Coat...aka Keeping Warm and Dry!

Warm and dry. With wry amusement I write this line as 99% of the time I am only one or the other, very rarely both which has prompted me to write this post. I am slightly obsessed with reading the weather report at 6.45am every morning as I get dressed, assuming this insider knowledge will help me choose my clothes wisely. This generally fails spectacularly and, as I am so indecisive, I am then always late, madly rushing to get cheerios on the table, straighten my hair and pose for the habitual morning Instagram shot, usually at the same time. And yes I normally fail epically which is why you get a photo of just the coffee mug or my shoes! Multi-tasking at it's best. And most mornings I deba

It's Christmas Jumper Time...

It's 47 days until Christmas at time of writing this. To me this is exciting and also somewhat daunting but still an event I am looking forward to enormously. It's mind numbingly expensive, goes in a flash and usually leaves some lasting damage such as an enlarged waistline, a flagging liver and perhaps the odd momentary bout of exhaustion (or maybe that's just me?!) but on the whole, it's a fun-filled, hugely entertaining family and friends time which we all love each year. To match the frivolity of Christmas, one needs a suitable jumper and jumpers are my thing, It needs to encompass such scenarios as Christmas cake with Granny, after work drinks, the school Christmas social or perhaps jus

1 Sport-Luxe Trouser, 4 Different Ways....

I've been fascinated by side stripe trousers, sport-luxe pants or athleisure wear since I saw Olivia Palermo in a Victoria Beckham pair a few months ago. Fortunately the pair she has designed for Banana Republic look almost as good and at an affordable £70, more widely available to us mere mortals that perhaps don't want to part with £500 for a VB pair. There are so many styles to choose from but I particularly like these ones as they come in a tuxedo style, nicely nipped in at the ankle and look less like you are about to break into a run. And let's face it, these trousers are way too nice to get sweaty in....sportswear or not. To be inventive, helpful and very clever I've worked up 4 outfi


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