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It's M&S....and it's good!

Marks and Sparks my Granny called it. It used to be her go-to for stable cardigans and knee length skirts in plaid and tweet. In recent years I also embraced the need for staples and made it my port of call for new cotton undies and sensible work flats, the odd box of pop-socks and perhaps a thermal or two. Then it went a bit wrong. A bit old, a bit frumpy and a whole heap of not-really-my-kind-of-place-anymore. But, probably in the last 18 months or so things have changed. It's actually pretty good! It's not often I pass an M&S clothing branch but recently I did and was spoilt for choice. Fantastic Autumn colours, flattering cuts and a real emphasis on current trend. There are no copies of

Hurray...It's Jumper Season!

I've now bought 7 new jumpers in as many days. It's a slight addiction... And no, I am, not suddenly massively wealthy and money doesn't grow on a suspiciously magic tree in my garden. It's about shopping in either the right places or working out how a jumper can look good, regardless of where its from or how much it costs. And this is now my wardrobe for the remainder of 2017! Earlier in the spring I blogged about the fashion for larger sleeved shirts also known as flared / bell / wide / balloon. For AW17 they have been transferred to the jumper and it's extremely popular. It's a bloggers delight, a fashion excitement and a very easy look for everyone. I know one should feel sad that the wa

VB Ready To Wear...The High-Street Way

It's probably a throw back to when I wanted to be Ginger Spice as to why I love Victoria Beckham quite as much as I do. True she isn't much of a singer but as a designer I think she packs a fair punch and her new AW17 Ready to Wear fashion is pretty decent. She's launched a younger label called Victoria but to be honest, I don't think its nearly as good for this season. Some of the RTW looks are actually quite wearable but perhaps one needs to have an artistic licence as to whether you wear the entire outfit or pick and choose. I for example would not be able to pull some of these off for the school run but office workers might fair better... This look though is one of my favourites. Easy to


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