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Beach Poses & Why My Jeans Don't Fit....

Beach shots......my much frequented holiday beach was stunning and the landscape amazing. From our little patch of sand, we watched singles, romantic couples and families perform all manner of poses for their cameras all perched on a very sharp rock just to get the perfect shot of the beautiful backdrop. All those that took part, bar one who was so overly voluptuous I feared for her life up on that craggy tip, were trim and toned and looked impossibly healthy. Now this blog isn't the ranting of an emotionally insecure late 30 something who seeks attention and exclamations of 'no, you look great don't worry'. It is to say I want to be them, I want to pose in swimwear and feel that confident

The Wobble...Can One Laugh It Off?

The wobble. The tummy. The post children tummy that a very large percent of the world's mothers must suffer from. The moment after the post-partum body has shrunk and reduced to levels less than a beached whale. Less than the somewhat gargantuan lady you became when 'with child'. To me, a wonderful state and one that be should relished and enjoyed and become at peace with one's changing shape. I adored the swell of the tummy, the steady growth of my bump and the stretching of the skin to encompass the warm little human growing inside. Do that three times over however in quick sucession and it takes it toll. More than enough for me. Today a seemingly intelligent person felt it necessary to in


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