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The Sloganeering Trend

Victoria Beckham's latest addition to her collection is very ironic......and a brilliant example of getting a message across. Slogan t-shirts have grown rapidly in popularity and everyone seems to be getting in on the action. Celebrities and us regular folk are clambering to get one, to find the perfect one which either tell of a mood, a place or simply to announce something meaningful. Some are long and some short. Some are just plain ridiculous! I last wore a slogan t-shirt when I was about 15. I remember it well as both my older sister and my mum had one too....oh the shame. It was black and tight with a silver glittery 'Love' on the front. Teamed with black flared leggings (do such thing

It's a Cover-Up....Beach-style

The holiday is coming....looming you might say. That moment when I realise that I can't wear jeans every day, I have to bare my legs and horrors of horrors, somehow shoe horn myself into some form of swimwear. I haven't decided which yet. I tend to shun the simple costume for fear of looking geriatric and matron-esque with lopsided boobs and a droopy belly button. The bikini-diet hasn't gone quite as well as predicted and having been re-started every Monday morning and abandoned by mid afternoon, that dream has clearly died. So it's the trusty tankini. The half way house, the safe choice and the one I feel more comfortable in. But.....I've never managed to be entirely at ease roaming around

The Perfect Denim Skirt....

The Denim Skirt. The must-have fashion item for SS17....apparently. Yes, well, perhaps for some. For me it's a different thing. They remind of little girls rather than grown women. Kind of sweet, kind of retro and usually rather short. As I write this I am at Hampton Court Palace. I see not one denim skirt on a women aged more than 30. Jeans, shorts and a couple of dresses, yes. Does that mean the entire population of the Magic Gardens didn't get this fashion memo? Perhaps they are all too unfashionable to know they should be wearing one? Or perhaps, and looking around it seems more likely, that sitting on the grass or bending over the sandpit, or in fact just having small humans around, isn


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