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Little White Dress Illusions..

I'm into my fifth homemade shortbread biscuit and it's about now that I start to panic about wearing a Little White Dress and how I've managed to totally eradicate the benefits of the uber healthy stir fry I served up just before the biscuit binge.....at least with the monumental hangover I am currently suffering from, I have luckily managed to reserve a few calories without having my usual barrel of wine with supper... Speaking of barrels, I can never quite understand how my brain works. With the biscuit binge aforementioned, you'd think that a floaty dress would be more flattering. Perhaps hiding, and quite rightly so, the slightly distended girth and sugar laden hips from public sight. Ho

Posies & Petals...A Floral Shirt Story

The floral shirt....The last time I saw these shirts grow in popularity was in my youth at what used to be known as a Barn Dance. I'm not quite sure if they still exist and what they are now called, and if anyone actually admits to attending one but in my day, they were all the rage. A bit like Morris Dancing, but that's another story.... Resplendent in my floral shirt, denim shorts and extremely fashionable Doc Martins, I felt a million dollars (no laces mind you so although I felt a million dollars, I could barely walk, more shuffle, let alone dance) . Real actual hay bales and proper gingham tablecloths were in abundance, as was some filthy looking punch stuff that tasted no better. Crisp

A Totes Love Affair..

Having only recently entered the big bag world by buying a handbag which more resembles a nose bag for an extremely large hoofed animal, I have become now an avid fan of the larger holdall and am constantly on the look out for yet another one to add to my small, but growing collection of bags. I can see only one major drawback with bags such as these. How the heck to do you find anything in it? My house keys? Gone. My wallet, last seen 24 hours ago and as for my phone, haven't found that for over a week. But the amount of stuff you can fit in astounds me. I can literally carry my entire life around with me and still have room for an industrial sized Dairy Milk, the staple diet of any sleep

Sunshine In My Pocket

A boyfriend a long time ago once told me that yellow made me look ill so I ditched my entirely yellow wardrobe and in protest wore only black for at least 3 years. Gradually I've been able to shake off those feelings of deathly - yellow - inadequacy and have added a few golden staple pieces in my wardrobe. In the last few months it's gone a little bit crazy (think Big-Bird on speed) so to rein it back, I've been playing around with colour schemes and accessories. I believe that anyone can wear yellow, in all its variations and look amazing. Bright yellow, to pale on to ochre and butterscotch. With so many colour alternatives, you are spoilt for choice. Some call it Mellow Yellow but to me i


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