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What's with the Cold Shoulder?

For this time of year, it's still surprisingly chilly some days. Where's the summer huh? There is nothing better than a good cold shoulder jumper to make one have a warm toasty glow. But seriously it's a really good look. Just a little alluring but not too much. A little chilly but again, not overly so. And if you can get away without a jacket, at least its still a jumper so you should survive! This is the kind of look that screams I haven't made an effort to look this good, it came naturally...really it did. If you half close one eye and don't focus on my dishevelled hair and slightly bloodshot eyes. My two top choices of CS jumper are these. I love both. First is Replay for £90 and the sec

It's All About....The Bouclé

Jackets jacket jackets. Everyone seems to have a jacket this spring. And with so many to choose from it's hard to know where to start. I love a good jacket....she says sitting in a hoodie and some sweat pants but hey, I do try hard sometimes... Flitting between trying to look hard core glamourous and achieving that awesome one off ensemble without making an effort and looking like I've just dragged myself out of bed, the jacket can help considerably to finish off ones chosen outfit. Today, because the sun is shining, I've decided to look at cream and pastel shades. Unless you have the washed-out dull look about you (strongly suggest this is addressed quickly if so), this colour can suit most


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